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TILT believes that marketing needs a change of perspective, a sort of ’tilting’ per say. Consumer behaviour has evolved but marketers’ practices haven’t. Many marketers are still solely doing what worked in the past, rather than investigating what their target market is actually doing and realigning their strategies to reflect that. 

In today’s promiscuous market, you have to know how a consumer thinks, behaves and where they are placing their attention. What worked ten years ago, or even five years ago, won’t necessarily work today or tomorrow. 

Technology’s influence on consumers’ attention is fascinating to us. Consumers have become advertising resistant, valuing brands that they can learn from, engage and grow with, over brands that behave like sleazy salesmen shoving products and services in faces and expecting it to work.

Our founder, Désiré, believes in a marketing magic called “remarkable”. Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing. That’s the core of what we do. Forget the tools used, everything we do is to grab a unique type of memorable attention, the type that behaves like an earwig; unforgettable. The advertising world out there is noisy, and the only way you’re going to be noticed, is if you’re remarkable… And everything we do is remarkable. 

This belief is driven by her insatiable thirst for understanding consumer behaviour. Her style isn’t just about looking at the competition and out-doing them; it’s about connecting the brand with the consumer and strengthening that relationship. It doesn’t matter where that consumer is, or how resistant they are; as long as their attention can be caught in a moment, they can be engaged with the right balance of content and value. 

TILT’s philosophy of consistent simplicity is what sets us apart as an agency and allows our clients to breathe easier, knowing that we’ve taken a complex system and made it simple for them. 

Marketing has become a maze of technical website knowledge, conversion rates, SERP ranking, social media content optimisation, catchy headlines for emails, keywords, analytics for websites and Facebook and Instagram, growth hacking, keywords, blogging, video marketing, influencers, keywords, brand building, engagement strategies, keywords, tools… all the tools… and the reports…. and don’t forget: keywords!!!

As a 2019 marketer, you have to know how to write copy, design creatives, edit video and audio, read and analyse data, understand conversion rates, build your brand, target the right consumers, know how to use all the tools and then be good at every part of it. And you have to keep on top of all the platform changes and know how and when to change direction in the middle of a campaign to achieve the best results. We’ve taken an elaborate mess, and made a meticulous method of marketing perfection. 😬

Don’t take our word for it though; the proof is in the pudding. We completely turn around brand engagement, build brand equity and transform profit margins by recognising where consumers are placing their attention, developing remarkable content that will engage them, and then returning that engagement by sparking conversation threads.

It’s a lot of work, but we love the growth process for all the clients we have worked with. And in turn, clients have loved working with us (or at least they tell us that! 😂) 

If you’re interested in tilting your marketing, feel free to contact us and we will let you know exactly what you need after a free marketing audit. 

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