Blogging has become necessary for every company that is interested in growing their business. It builds brand equity and trust, and demonstrates credibility and knowledge in your industry. However, the game has changed significantly in recent years, but many agencies and website strategies unfortunately haven’t. This is what we do and why. These individual topics are very technical and in-depth, so we have just put in the key points for easier reading.

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Keywords, SEO and Search Engines  

Keywords and SEO used to be the core reason behind blogging, but as technology evolved, the way the search engines worked evolved, but marketing practices didn’t.

Keyword stuffing penalties – Google and other search engines caught on to keyword stuffing, they started penalising websites for this practice by reducing their rank. This is a major no no.

NLP and Machine Learning – With the development of artificial intelligence, the entire way the search engines work has evolved, as they have incorporated natural language processing and machine learning. Users don’t use exact phrases so you will find your audience using multiple descriptors for your specific product.

Search Engines like Quality and Activity 

Activity – You can have the best SEO on your website, but if you’re inactive and haven’t published anything in a year, search engines will treat your website as dormant. Your business might not be, but your website is, and if your competitors are blogging, their website is active. This is our first reason of blogging.

Quality – Put the keywords aside for a minute and think about who your audience is, who you are, and what you and your audience would like to read. This is where we start. Not with the keywords that you want to rank for, but with good quality content that your audience will enjoy. If your readers are spending the time to read your content, search engines treat this as good quality. Length matters, analytics metrics matter, and the formula for quality content is a part of our secret sauce.

TL;DR: Keywords aren’t as important as they used to be especially since machine learning and natural language processing is a major part of the search engines, and search engines like active websites with quality content.

What TILT does

The TILT standard of blogging is a blend of storytelling, sales and human communication. Weaving all three into our secret sauce, we are able to develop a library of information for our clients that is easy and enjoyable to read, not too technical (this heavily depends on the audience), and relatable for your audience. It’s not just about selling, since selling only can be off-putting to a wider audience, so we help you bring them value, and knowledge is very valuable. The more valuable they see it, the more likely they are to share it, and this is ultimately what you want with your blog library: distribution via organic brand ambassadors.

This is not the same as writing tag lines, email subjects and social media captions. This is the art form of being able to speak across industries to a wide audience and maintain relatability on an individual level. TILT content speaks directly to your clients.

A single blog is only a piece of the puzzle, with the content strategy directing the picture from the background. A content strategy can help you maintain a consistent publishing schedule which is key to making Google happy and great for your business. Not to mention, it gives your social media and email marketing some ammunition, while giving potential and existing customers and clients a place to reference to when they need to validate your knowledge and credibility; so your blogs are not a one-trick-pony.

The Pricing

We don’t believe in hiding pricing as all of our clients pay the same; it doesn’t matter if you’re a massive business or a start up. The same amount of love and passion goes into every piece of work we commit to and deliver.

Blog batches

For clients who want more blogs at a more cost effective rate, we developed blog batches. They come in sets of 4, 8 and 12, for weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly publishing respectively. They are between 600 to 800 words, with the average being 700-750 words, and include:

  • research
  • internal ideas, should the client not provide a detailed brief
  • content strategy, should the client not provide one
  • internal website linking (key links to be provided by client)
  • natural keyword insertion (specific keywords to be provided by client)
  • It does not include publishing or image sourcing (optional at the standard hourly rate).
  • Blog batch of 4 600-800 word blogs – £360 (monthly, published 1/week)
  • Blog batch of 8 600-800 word blogs – £720 (monthly, published 2/week)
  • Blog batch of 12 600-800 word blogs – £1080 (monthly, published 3/week)

Blog batches are typically delivered 3-4 weeks before your intended publishing date to guarantee zero delays in the process.

Single blog pieces

Do you just want one piece written or perhaps want a trial piece? Single blog pieces work well for this. They include:

  • research
  • internal ideas, should the client not provide a detailed brief
  • internal website linking (key links to be provided by client)
  • natural keyword insertion (specific keywords to be provided by client)
  • It does not include publishing or image sourcing (optional at the standard hourly rate).
  • Single blog piece up to 600 words – £120
  • Single blog piece up to 800 words – £160
  • Single blog piece up to 1200 words – £240
  • Single blog piece up to 1500 words – £300

Single blog pieces typically have a one-week turnaround upon confirmation of the job.

Please read also about our process, client deliverables and payment terms. ↗️

Ready to take the plunge and TILT your blog content? 

Blogging is a necessary part of your company’s marketing strategy. Done the right way, it can massively increase your company’s inbound sales and generate a lot of brand awareness while building recognition and trust among your target audience. Not to mention, an active blog means that you’re in good favour with search engines (until they change the rules again!).

Book a consultation to find out how we can TILT your brand today!

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