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Welcome to the TILT Creative Brand Self-Audit. 

This self-audit will guide you to figure out what resources you already have, and what you might need. Like all self-assessments, there is a degree of error in interpretation, so do answer the questions as honestly as you can. 

If you’re unsure of something, answer I don’t know; and only answer yes if you are certain. This will ensure that you get the most accurate score from this self-audit. 

Disclaimer: This is simply a guide. This is not the same as an assessment conducted by an independent branding expert and is subject to your own biases. But it will give you a rough idea of where you are and how far you are from a healthy brand baseline. 

What to expect: This audit should take between 5-15 minutes. There are 65 questions. 64 are yes/no/I don't know answers. One is a short paragraph to say what your overall aspirations are for your brand, so that we can have a quick look and offer some guidance if we set up a free 15-minute consultation.

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