1:1 Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Consultants & SMEs: £3000

8 hour 1:1 workshop spread across two 4-hour session days.

Your brand strategy, identity and bible will be done with Désiré using her specialised brand framework.

Perfect if you need a brand strategy and identity but require dedicated coaching.

Content Covered:

  • Branding 101 Crash Course
  • Brand Strategy with Coaching
  • Brand Identity Development with Coaching
  • Brand Bible Development with Coaching

Timeline: 2 session days + one 60 minute session



Ensure that you can commit to BOTH days before you book as you will be automatically booked in for Friday.


Please bring the following:

  • Business objectives and rough timeline
  • Brand objectives and rough timeline
  • Marketing overview (target market, competitors, etc)
  • Marketing objectives and rough timeline
  • Marketing resources (human and technological)
  • Results from the free TILT Brand Self-Audit
  • Coffee and doughnuts (optional, but highly recommended! And yummy!) 🤤

✅ Do the brand self-audit right after you’ve booked the workshop – https://tiltcreative.agency/brand-self-audit/

Be on time, with camera on. Arrive 5 minutes early to ensure that your audio/video is working properly.

✅ Please be in a quiet space with no distractions.

✅ Put your phone on DND.

Come prepared. Please have everything you need 24 hours before the session. If you’re missing something, email us to let is know.

🔥 This is an intense session.

⏰ We will be starting on time, and running a tight schedule. If you are late, that’s on you.

🙋🏻‍♀️ This is a working session – but due to time constraints, we have limited Q&A time. Write your questions down, and we will be happy to have a quick call with you after to go through everything.

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