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Désiré is a brand extraordinaire, marketing expert, podcaster, Linkedin geek, and entrepreneur.

She accelerates trailblazing entrepreneurs from mehhh to HECK YEAH.

Her earth-shattering 3000mph intensive brand programme, MachX.vip (Mach 10), is designed for disruptive but busy elite entrepreneurs who need to supercharge their brand to influence their industry and attract the right investors and clients.

TILT Creative Agency, her brand consultancy for solo/entrepreneurs, startups, and micro, small and medium businesses, offers an intensive service to clarify your messaging, define your brand DNA, and hone your voice to increase your revenue, market visibility and competitive advantage.

TILT.social, her SME social network, offers an incredibly valuable and affordable membership at £17/month, giving patrons two group coaching sessions monthly and a support group with weekly feedback.

The platform itself is free to use, and is an extension of your Linkedin efforts, but without the pain of advertising and algorithm. Connect with over 10,000 like-minded people and promote your business and events to a curated audience – for FREE!

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