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We started these live events as a way to connect more people and give entrepreneurs a a platform to introduce their business and connect with more people. We host these events to support the community and we give our time and effort to support growing businesses as it’s a tough world. It’s become so popular that we’ve decided to turn the segments into a podcast.

The live show is much more conversational and the audience has the opportunity to come up and speak, ask questions and shoutout their business; but at the end of the show, it’s gone (because such is the beautiful nature of Linkedin Audio events). The podcasts are a way for it to live forever, so we interview some of the speakers on Sunday to record a 30 minute segment all about their business, and it’s all promoted through the TILT channels, the SME Networking group and through Désiré’s network.

Our Sunday show is 3 hours long with 3 segments:

  • The SME Shoutout Hour gives entrepreneurs a global stage to shoutout their business and talk about their journey. It also gives them a space to ask questions and get advice live on the show. It’s such a great atmosphere and you leave the event feeling inspired and charged up for the week ahead!
  • The Entrepreneur Spotlight focuses on one business owner every week and they have a chance to tell their story, and connect with the audience on a deeper level.
  • We rotate the Alpha WOMAN segment and the TILT Branding AMA every other week.
  • The TILT Branding AMA and where you can ask any branding questions and I can support you as best as possible.
  • The Alpha WOMAN show is a whole hour just dedicated to us ladies! We talk about everything that impacts women, including periods, work issues, pay gaps, sexual harassment and so much more.

But we didn’t end it there!

We created a LinkedIn Group to continue the work that we do. We aim to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. This is our way to give back to the community that gives us so much!

  • Join the group and share with your network.
  • Post your business promos and we can help to get it out to our wider network.
  • Ask questions and get help from our panel of experienced consultants.

All we want to do is help and support other businesses. We love helping others get started and all we ask is to pass that energy on.

Want to be a speaker on the show?

Just fill out the form under the calendar to register as a speaker!

Join us LIVE on air!

Click the button. 👆🏼 Never miss a show. 👆🏼 Get full event details.

Join us LIVE on air!

Click the button. 👆🏼 Never miss a show. 👆🏼 Get full event details.

Become a Speaker on the Show!

Every week, we have a host of speakers on the show. We organise the events on Linkedin, however, we use WhatsApp to contact speakers directly and fill spots.

The TILT Brand Audit [ FREE! ]

Every brand needs a check-up every now and then. The big boys have independent auditors and in-house brand police to keep them on-brand.  SMEs can’t afford that – and that’s where we come in. This self-audit can help you see where you are at. From there, you can decide if you want to tough it out, grab a workshop, get some guidance or bring in the big guns. Or do nothing. Nothing isn’t helpful, but that is also an option.

TILT Brand Consultations and Coaching

Branding is the foundation for all marketing. But too many people forget it and that’s why your marketing doesn’t hit the mark. Our branding methods are based on data and science-backed research. We don’t just look at colours and target markets; we have spent years studying human psychology, neuroscience and sociology, alongside marketing, economics and business principles to develop the holistic thinking and ideas that result in branding that lasts. With our consultations and coaching, you and your team walk away with knowledge, tools, brand guidelines AND a brand strategy.

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