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Our unorthodox, experienced, data backed methodology on branding:

Branding isn’t just a logo. It encompasses every single interaction your customers will ever have with your company, product or service. It engages all five senses, and this is why the exclusive, luxury brands all have a signature scent, a signature look and a signature feel.

This is to connect the physical senses of their clientele to their emotional experience with the brand, which is typically incredibly high-end; such as a glass of expensive champagne when shopping in a high-end boutique, reinforcing the idea that their brand is to be celebrated, with purchases being milestones.

After over a decade of research and testing with small businesses and high-net-worth individuals in a myriad of industries, we developed a method to develop brands in a way only done by the world’s leaders, without breaking the bank. We are ready to bring this to the world.

Désiré is obsessed with branding in a way that’s hard to match. Her focus and agility are among the many qualities that make her work remarkable; her ability to see things from a different perspective due to her unique thought process is often akin to magic and the results are just that – magical.

For her, branding is the experience your customers have with YOU: your company, your people and your products and/or services, are all parts of YOU. When you start applying these methodologies to your company, your top line increases, your people are happier and your customers are actively engaged.

It’s not a strategy or tactic – it’s a realignment of your company vision, serving as the North Star as you transition from a product-focused company to a brand-focused company.

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Désiré • The Brand Maverick


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