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It’s been a year since we made the UK TILT dream a reality by taking the leap of faith and incorporating in London. We have had an incredible journey so far and we are always very grateful for all the clients who trust us to make their dreams possible. 

In the last year, we have successfully executed so many projects that we didn’t think we would have, giving rise to us rethinking the services we offer, and the way we operated as a business. We are always growing, learning, and expanding, with the intention of providing a better level of service for you. There has been a greater demand for writing work, such as blogging, ghostwriting and copywriting in the last year, so we have included these among our new services. 

New services include

  • Ghostwriting 
  • Photography: Corporate, Product and Portrait 
  • Linkedin Profile Management 
  • Infographics 
  • White Papers and e-Books 
  • Social Selling 
  • Social Listening 
  • SEO Audits 
  • Marketing Audits 

Client Expansion

In the spirit of TILT transparency, we would like to let you know that an executive decision has been made to maintain a smaller client base to keep the quality of the work at the highest possible calibre, while ensuring we are available and flexible at any point in time when our clients need us most. By taking in too many clients, we will lose the essence of what makes the work unique to us, which hurts us in the long run. Each one of our clients are very important to us; you’re not just a number or an invoice. We have an intimate relationship with your brand and deeply care about protecting and growing your brand in the right direction that fits your business’ objectives. 

This means that availability for new clients may be on a waiting list system during peak times, but it’s always best to speak with Désiré to find out what’s possible and when. We do try to be as available as possible for anyone, however, we are prioritising existing client projects which is part of the service care you receive with TILT Creative

New Content from the TILT Studio

The coronavirus pandemic put a little dent in our plans for 2020, as the TILT podcast should have launched this year, but we have decided to shelve that for the time being and focus on something that really sets us apart: our writing. There may be a few books we might be working on this year, but we’re not saying anything much just yet! 

We are working on new content for ourselves internally as well, so you will start seeing that roll out in due course. Hopefully there will be enough content to cover the main industries that we noticed need some tilting

Now, we’re going to get back to creating that awesome content, and hopefully you will enjoy many years of tilting with us! 

Take care and stay safe guys! 

The TILT Team. 

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