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When you hear the word ‘traditional’, you tend to think of a practice passed down through families for generations, from your great-great-grand-mama to you… Advertising isn’t much different; we’re a global family that has passed down the tradition of billboards and print media in an ever-changing, technology-focused media space. The great ad men, or “Mad Men”, of the 1960’s would be proud to know that we still practice the advertising traditions of radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and billboards…

But what business does a 2019 creative agency have sticking their nose in the traditional means of advertising? Well, you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, Susan! If it works, do it. We oppose this notion of invalidating a practice just because it’s classed as traditional, last season, or old. Hell, it’s vintage, and we like vintage. We pride ourselves in taking something worn, giving it a fresh coat of paint, and putting the good ole TILT spin on it. 

There’s something powerfully nostalgic about print, handwritten letters, and physical mail. You can touch the paper, keep it, use it as a bookmark, stick it on a wall for inspiration, cherish it forever, because it’s not gone in 30 seconds and doesn’t disappear altogether in 24 hours. We still watch television, and we still listen to radio, even while unlimited streaming is all the rage. Television and radio still hold massive audiences if your brand falls within those market scales. 

The right creative team can always put an interesting and memorable spin on something conventional. Direct mail, billboards and print ads are still in high circulation for certain target markets, and they supplement a digital campaign well. 

360º campaigns, comprising of what your brand needs, rather than just what the cool kids are doing, is required for your brand’s overall health. This is as important to us, as it was to the Mad Men of Madison Avenue in 1960, and building your brand equity will always be priority numero uno. 

So if you’re looking for a few interesting twists with your marketing campaign, book a consultation to find out how we can TILT your brand. 

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