Blogging has become necessary for every company that is interested in growing their business. There are a number of reasons behind this, but the main one would be for your search engine rank (SEO). Google, like other search engines, loves active websites. If your website has not had any new content in months, or worse years, then Google will think that your website is not active, and push you down the ranks. If you have a competitor who is actively publishing on their company blog, Google will favour them.

Keywords do play a part in how Google works as well, but they exist more to show Google  consistency of content topic, rather than the keyword itself. This is where it gets a little technical and someone who is too heavy handed with the keywords can actually do more damage than good (this is called keyword stuffing, it’s very bad and Google does not like). 

But this is not the sole focus of blogging. Yes, you want more people to come to your website, but when they get there, what will they find? Will the content you have published gently guide them through the sales process? Will your blogs be so valuable to them that they share it on their own feeds? Will it explain all the complex details of your product or service and how it will change their life? 

The TILT quality of blogging is an art of storytelling and sales. We take your customers on a journey with every written piece, showcasing the need for your business’ product or service through a story. Storytelling is what makes us human. It’s the magic vessel that allowed our ancestors to pass on critical, lifesaving information about the world around them to their descendants for thousands of years, and we still do this today. Our stories open that portal to a parallel world, one that has your products or services in your customer’s lives and shows how much more enriched life is with it, and how it can be chaos without it. 

Subtle selling through these stories is what we’re about, and while anyone can write a few hundred words and hopefully convince someone, TILT Creative has the experience in doing this specific type of writing that many marketers don’t. It’s not the same as writing advertising taglines or email subject lines. 

A single blog is a piece of the puzzle, with the content strategy directing the picture from the background. A content strategy can help you maintain a consistent publishing schedule which is key to making Google happy and great for your business. Not to mention, it gives your social media and email marketing some ammunition, so it’s not a one-trick-pony. 

Blogging is a necessary part of your company’s marketing strategy. If you’re ready to take the plunge, book a consultation to find out how we can TILT your brand today! 

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