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A brand is a powerful thing. For consumers, it can represent hope, love, joy, trust, security, confidence, happiness, and peace. Brands are the channel used to connect products and services to consumers in a meaningful way, gradually increasing brand equity and consumer loyalty. This is why it’s so important to create a brand that reflects the qualities that consumers will expect, not just what the company is today. It’s aspirational, and inspirational. 

Branding is not just about a logo or a slogan, it’s so much more than that. It’s the feeling someone gets when they interact with every aspect of your business. It’s the colours, the typography, qualities of your company, your vision, your mission, the personality of the company, the photography used… it’s a lot more complex than a name and a logo. Your logo is the centre of attention, but the brand is the invisible force field around it telling consumers how they should feel about it. 

Many companies take this for granted in the early days. They think in the start, they can just go with whatever they feel is acceptable and rebrand in the future. But the initial image is already burned into consumers’ minds… A rebranding strategy will then be needed to determine how to slowly update the brand depending on how far away from the original brand the rebrand is. 

Brand refreshing or updating is quite common for companies that have existed for more than five years. It gives the company the brand equivalent of a fresh haircut. And also provides a great platform to reconnect with consumers announcing your new “haircut”. 

TILT is experienced in the brand arena, since establishing brand guidelines comes before any form of content creation; it allows our creative team to deliver content that consistently reflects your brand. Our hands-on process has also given us a unique view on developing brands, since we can experience them from the consumer’s viewpoint as well as corporate’s. 

If you’re ready for a brand, a brand refresh or a complete rebrand, book a free consultation with us to discover how we can TILT your brand! 

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