Illustrations bring life to creative work. Most daily media consumed is full of either or both, and people tend to remember the illustrated style of branding because it’s much more familiar and friendly. While we think cartoons and characters are for kids, adults connect better with them because we spend our formative years watching simple drawings, whether in cartoons, animated films or comics. Studies also show that these unique character styles tend to leave imprints behind, so someone with a cape is a superhero and will save the day. These imprints remain in your adult consumer’s mind, and they will associate that with your business’s brand forever. 

A good example of how illustration works in the corporate world is with our own brand. We needed to breathe new life into TILT and expand the service line while making the brand interesting, so we thought creating a couple anthropomorphic personalities would be ideal. We obviously got carried away and ended up with a team, but it’s because of them that you’re probably reading this right now… They got your attention and lead you here. 

People come to TILT for this sort of branding because it works. Customers have told us that they remember our brand and our characters make us stand out and seem like a massive team, capable of conquering the world. 

We have done illustrations for multiple brands and even paintings for Christmas cards to give our client’s branding some “POP” in videos and presentations. We live in a world filled with the two. 

There are lots of case studies for both in our portfolio, so we won’t keep you too long here. It’s one of those where the work speaks for itself because it’s visual and we need to understand what you need illustrated, or animated, to establish if your brand will benefit from it.

Book a consultation and let’s see how we can TILT your brand! 

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