Social listening… what now? In a nutshell, we crawl through conversations people are having around your brand and industry, and produce reports that pretty much tell you what’s really going on. We can tell you how your audience feels about your brand, your competitors’ brands and even the industry as a whole. Our reports give you the bigger picture. 

These reports provide interesting data like: 

  • How consumers feel about your brand 
  • How consumers feel about your competitions’ brands
  • Where your positive and negative sentiment demographics are
  • Next products and services to develop
  • Identifying your biggest competitors online 
  • How much of the digital space you own
  • How to cater your content to your target demographic 
  • Identifying any influencers who can increase your broadcast impact
  • Identifying competitors’ campaigns to differentiate 
  • Which campaigns had a positive and negative impact on consumers 

These reports are invaluable and analysis of that data is what makes it really special.

Get the competitive edge by having social listening reports drive your content, brand and sales strategies. This new era of data reporting brings us one step closer to giving your consumers exactly what they need.

Book a consultation now to find out how your consumers feel about your brand, your competition and your industry, and gain a sharpened competitive edge. 

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