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Why do you need a blog?

This is a very popular question I get asked by most prospects – is a blog even necessary when social media is all the rave? Blogs are important because social media is all the rave. I’ll explain now… 

Don’t build your home on leased land

Would you build your dream home on a plot of land you don’t own? No you wouldn’t, so why would you invest massive chunks of your effort and money into growing a following on a platform you don’t own? Instead, develop a healthy blog, and drive traffic from social media to your blog on your website. This bolsters your website traffic, and creates more room for conversions than social media ever will. 

Because you own the website, the design and layout is in your control. This is important because now, you can create more opportunities for a prospect to either make an enquiry or a purchase, in the way you want them to and make it entirely feel like your brand, not just some clinical static layout that everyone experiences 2-4 hours per day. The user experience for your website is just as important as the packaging for your product. It has to feel right, be simple and easy to navigate, and load quickly. 

You’re an industry expert, so start acting like it! 

Everyone has a role model that they look up to as an expert in a certain field. Steve Jobs, Gary Vaynerchuk and Stephen King are examples of role models that many people look up to for different reasons. But what we tend to forget when it comes to role models is that they are people just like us who worked hard until their talent became extraordinary. 

Blogging is the easiest and most effective way to establish your brand as an industry expert. For one, it immediately increases your trustworthiness, respect and brand equity. Consumers trust brands who blog, and they are more likely to purchase after they have read a few blogs. Consumers want to be educated before they make a purchasing decision, so blogging is now key to your sales process. 

The wealth of information doesn’t just help your sales process, it also improves the relationships between your brand and consumers. Education, as well as, transparency and candid storytelling, are all building blocks of brand relationship building. 

And yes, improves your SEO…

Yes, blogging still impacts your SEO big time, but it’s not about the length or the number of keywords anymore… Your blog’s SEO success is directly linked to whether people like it and find it useful. If users are just jumping on and straight off without reading it, and no one is sharing it online, the search engines assume it’s low quality and reduce the rank for that blog; and in turn, for your whole website. 

Now done properly, a blog can put you on that coveted first page. Warning: this is not easy, and it’s time consuming, and without an ad budget to help, it can take years organically. 

Your blog needs to be something people will want to read. Even professional brands need to let their hair down a bit and become more human through those blogs in order to connect with their readers. Hiring a professional copywriter may help, but they need to understand your brand’s personality beforehand, especially as copywriters can be quite professional and stiff when not given a voicing brief. We’ll talk more about how to hire a professional copywriter later on. 

But until then, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 07955 805 340 or by visiting us at www.TILTcreative.agency.

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