This copy was originally written for Connectium and commissioned by Purple Fedora.

Are you properly recycling your IT hardware? 

There are a lot of consumables in the world of computing. As best practice, every three to five years millions of companies globally update their IT hardware, replacing servers, hard drives, routers, switches, cabling, power and cooling components, and other periphery devices like screens, keyboards, mice and printers. 

Many companies upgrade their system hardware to ensure they are within manufacturer’s warranties, are operating at the latest energy efficiency standards, or need more powerful systems. By maintaining a healthy system, you upgrade hardware at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals before it fails, reducing downtime and keeping the company online when it needs to be. No one wants an outage due to failed hardware during a busy work day. 

Where do all these IT consumables go? Do your broken peripherals and outdated machines sit in a storage room, collecting dust? Or do you risk it at the skip? Connectium can help your business recycle your hardware and keep your systems running in tip top shape. We can manage your system upgrades by installing new hardware efficiently to reduce downtime and securely recycle the old hardware, as per environmental and data security standards. Have that peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands with Connectium, and never have to worry about your old hardware again.