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A live chat box for your website is unlikely to be the ultimate priority for your local authority, but the benefits are beyond any preconceived notions about the platform. With a live chat, your customer service agents can be much more efficient and productive, which will allow them to increase their workloads in other areas, or spend more time increasing the quality of their current workloads. With Click4Assistance’s suite of solutions, your team will immediately notice a difference and your communication with your customers will dramatically change, all while being cost effective for your organisation. 

Live chat box for your website 

It’s no secret that live chat software is convenient and effective as a communication channel for your customers, but a lesser known fact is how much it can reduce your call volume. With live chat, your customer service agents can speak with multiple customers simultaneously, unlike strictly one on one over the phone. This allows your team to become more efficient, while reducing the call waiting time in the queue, improving the customer experience. 

AI chatbots 

Click4Assistance offers two types of chatbots: a natural language processing chatbot called Artie and a conversational interface formbot called Coni. Artie works with IBM Watson and is able to perform more complicated tasks and understand customers as they speak, unlike Coni, a pre-programmed conversational interface that allows your customers to interact with her within the conditions you set. They are both able to respond immediately to customers and answer basic questions without human intervention, allowing your customers service team to focus on other areas of work and more in-depth customer queries. 

Direct messages 

Your customers use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger prolifically, so why not connect with them on a platform they are already using and are familiar with? As a local authority, your customer service team can receive and reply to direct messages in the same place as they respond to the live chat box on your website. Everything in one place makes this easy for your customer service team to manage and even easier for your customers, since they can connect with you using the apps they use every day. 


Sometimes you need to speak with a customer to communicate more clearly, especially if this customer is having difficulties communicating through instant text or using the live chat box on your website. With a simple click, your customer service agents can immediately connect with that customer at no charge to them. 

Video chat 

With the world falling into remote working turmoil following the 2019 pandemic, every business was suddenly adopting video chat for their customer service software solution. Click4Assistance’s video chat is built into the eco-system, working seamlessly with every other feature, while providing your local authority with the ability to host remote appointments with your customers, increasing the likelihood of attendance, productivity and ensuring safety at all times. 

The Dashboard 

Click4Assistance’s fully customisable dashboard allows your customer service agents to seamlessly access everything they need remotely from any laptop or desktop with a Chrome browser, and with 256-bit encryption for data in transit, your live conversations with your customers are as secure as a payment page. For your customer service agents, they will be able to access their live chats, video chats, direct messages, Click2Call, artificial intelligence chatbots and even your own CRM integrated, all from one place, saving them loads of time and massively increasing their efficiency. 

About Click4Assistance 

For over 15 years, Click4Assistance has supported local authorities with their customer service communication software solutions. If you’re interested in deploying Click4Assistance, the UK’s premier GDPR compliant live chat software solution, to increase your local authority’s productivity for 2020, give us a call on 0845 123 5871 or send an email to [email protected] and one of our experts will be with you right away. Not ready to reach out yet? Discover how it works, try a demo, or better yet, try Click4Assistance completely free for 21 days