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The short answer is yes. The why is what we will explain in this article. Onetrace is built for more than just fire protection operatives and their teams to use, it’s developed with every contractor and subcontractor in mind. Fire protection, both active and passive, impact every stage of a building, from the architectural drawings to the maintenance. 

Electricians are like every other contractor – they need access to walls, ceilings, lofts and more, so the chances of them coming across fire protection during their jobs is very high. They have to break through current fire protection to access or upgrade building wiring, install data cables for internet, or install alarm systems. Since they have to break though fire protection, having an efficient method of tracking before and after their works, and ensuring and tracking reinstallation is important. 

So we know that they need it, and the reason why. But how does a solution like Onetrace fit into their daily lives? Onetrace fire protection traceability software is unlike any other available in the market, since it’s built truly remote working ready and works natively on your smartphone or tablet, not just on a laptop or at the office on a local network. It works like any other app does, so you have this feeling of familiarity when you use it, and it’s so simple to use, smooth to run and very user-friendly, so the learning curve for this new-to-you app is minimal. 

What can you do with Onetrace fire protection traceability app? 

Photos… finally done right 

One of the biggest issues with fire protection traceability is photographic evidence, which is required across most construction and maintenance jobs now as a form of accountability and proof of work. But you don’t have to take a photo on one device and faff about with another device or send it to yourself or the office for them to put into the job file, hoping they put it in the right one… No more of that! All you do now and fire up the app and take the photos right in the app, and it’s automagically uploaded to the job file in real time, so the guys at the office or working remotely who have access to the job or project can see it! 

Online and offline access… for proper remote working

So while this might not tickle your fancy immediately, it will in a moment. Many buildings electricians have to work in have spotty reception on some floors, making the job zone a complete dead zone. What if we told you that you didn’t need internet to use Onetrace? What? Yes… you don’t actually need it on the job to use the app. Say you know that you’re on your way to a job on a basement, so it’s safe to say there is no reception down there. Fire up the app, download the job to your phone and voila! Everything you need is right there as though you were connected to the internet: job specs, floor plans, everything. Now that’s efficient remote working! 

Mark up drawings, locations and more right in the app 

So many operatives have to work with floor plans, drawings and on various locations… and then have to learn how to navigate new software all the time. With Onetrace, everything is in one place and it’s so easy to find the documents you need, right from the palm of your hand; no need for a laptop and desk setup, use the device you already have with you on site! Some sites don’t have drawings and Onetrace is developed so that you can manually input a location in the app, saving lots of time and hassle. You can also markup drawings right from the app, without needing any third party software, which is fantastic when you’re on site and need to highlight an area on a drawing quickly, but you don’t want to have to pull out a laptop and start using different software to just make a box or put in some arrows. 

With Onetrace, your team of electricians can work with ease and not have the hassle of complicated, bloated software. If you’re ready to make the switch to a better fire protection traceability app or just want to see what all the fuss is about, all you need to do is get in touch or request a demo. If you’re not ready to commit, that’s okay – you can try Onetrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. It’s that simple.