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Artificial intelligence has become one of the most influential pieces of progressive technology that exists in the world today. The brilliance in AI is not just its potential, but how quietly it crept into our world, influenced the growth routes of technology and how widespread it became. Through mobile technology, we each have the power of artificial intelligence at our fingertips. When you ponder on that and then think about the potential of its influence on the world, the future does look quite bright and exciting. 

How can this incredibly complex technology help your financial organisation’s customer service communication? We’re so happy you asked; let’s show you how… But first, let’s introduce the brightest star of this galaxy. 

Click4Assistance’s AI chatbot, Artie, is a natural language processing chatbot. What does that mean? Natural language processing, or NLP, is defined as “a subfield of linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human language.” In simpler terms, it analyses and processes large amounts of natural language data. NLP chatbots like Artie are able to process and analyse what a customer has said and reply based on their analysis of the information. Conversational chatbot interfaces, unlike AI chatbots, are pre-programmed and go through a map of questions and answers, with each customer input navigating the experience. The most popular NLP platform in commercial use is IBM’s Watson, the engine behind Click4Assistance’s Artie. 

With Artie essentially able to ‘chat’ with customers, he can manage greeting incoming website visitors, answering basic questions and assisting with navigation. This allows your customer service agents to focus on the more complex customer queries while Artie is managing the front line of communication. The amazing thing about Artie is that he can speak with an unlimited number of website visitors simultaneously, making him the most efficient customer service agent you will ever have. Your customer service team will be massively more productive since they will only have to focus on the conversations that Artie has transferred to them, so questions like opening hours, locations, or finding certain pages on your website are handled by your AI online chat software, not your human customer service agents. 

We live in a 24 world and so do your customers, so why do you want to restrict any customer service or pre-sales questions to a 9am to 5pm bracket? If someone gave you the opportunity to generate revenue while you were asleep, would you not take that opportunity? Artie and online chat software offers your financial organisation the same opportunity – to make money while you and your team sleeps. Every 1 in 4 website visitors who engage in a live chat convert into a sale, and Artie is always on and available, automatically greeting website visitors as they come in, increasing your chance for revenue generated immediately. Artie does not sleep or get sick, and is always online and available for your customers and potential customers to ask questions and get the answers they need, and if Artie cannot help them if their request is too complex or in-depth, he can easily transfer them to a customer service agent. 

Your financial organisation has the opportunity to become more productive, always have someone online 24/7 no matter what day or time it is, and increase your projected revenue generated, all without employing a larger team, making Click4Assistance an incredibly cost effective choice

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