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The Green Homes Grant is a new grant-based initiative for residents and landlords of England from the UK Government for residential owners to make their homes more energy efficient. It can include any home improvement project that can increase energy efficiency, such as upgrading single glazing to a more energy efficient double glazing, loft insulation and even ‘green’ energy alternatives like solar panels. 

The scheme has been set up with two major benefits: as a core part of the UK’s economic pandemic recovery in terms of jobs, and as an environmental initiative to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. The short term benefits aid the state of our economy and the long term benefits cut household bills and reduce carbon emissions. This scheme works in everyone’s favour, and provides needed funds to households struggling across England to keep their homes warm during winter. 

What are energy saving home improvements? 

While the government has not clarified exactly what projects qualify, they have confirmed that loft insulation, double and triple glazing, cavity wall insulation, boilers, upgrading to energy efficient doors, draught proofing, smart heating controls, hot water tank thermostats and more. The scheme also includes installation of solar energy panels, which can save homeowners thousands of pounds in electric and gas bills every year.

How much is the Green Homes Grant?

At current, there are two tiers announced for the Green Homes Grant with details still to be finalised. The grants will be distributed in the form of vouchers, with eligibility considerations to be clarified. 

As it stands, for working and full-time employed homeowners and landlords, the initiative will cover roughly 66% of a home improvement project, up to £5000, as long as the project is geared to energy efficiency. For low income homeowners, of which the details are yet to be clarified, the voucher will be for 100% of the home improvement project.  While the government has announced the value of the voucher for low income homeowners, they are yet to provide their definition of ‘low income’ and who is eligible to qualify. 

Full details on the Green Homes Grant have not yet been released as the initiative was announced on July 8th 2020. The initiative officially launches on 1st September 2020, and you can apply online when it launches. 

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