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There is no doubt about it, direct messaging has completely changed the way that we communicate as a global population and there is no stopping it. Its progressive growth has revolutionised the way we work, live and even celebrate, with work communication moving from email to WhatsApp groups, social groups changing from weekly meet-ups to a non-stop group conversation, and birthday messages being sent in place of phone calls. 

We have been using direct messaging since the advent of AOL and ICQ, so it’s a form of communication that we have all grown used to and has found its way into our daily communication in the form of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Our world is so centred around instant communication that we often send emails and should we not receive an answer in an hour, we wonder whether the person even received it, when ten years ago, it was perfectly acceptable to wait 24 hours for a response. So how can your clients and your contact centre benefit from direct messages?  

Ease of use for your client’s customers 

The majority of the population uses direct messages multiple times a day, so why shouldn’t your clients benefit from this close, one on one communication channel for their business too? The largest positive with direct messaging is the ease of use. Contact centres manage a massive volume of customer communication, and a high percentage of that will be problem solving. If a customer has a problem, the easiest way for them to reach out is through direct messaging. In a matter of seconds, your customer could send your customer service agents a message on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and your agents can help them without the customer needing to go any further than the app they use every day to speak with their friends and family. The ease of use provides a much larger benefit for your clients’ brands, since those customers will spread the word about how easy it is to get in touch and receive support, benefitting both the customer and your client. 

Ramp up the productivity 

The ease of use is not only for your clients’ customers, but for your own customer service agents as well! Like live chat software, direct messages is another form of text-based instant messaging, and with the Click4Assistance module, it’s as simple as replying to a live chat message. With live chat and direct messages from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger flowing into a unified space, your customer service agents will be much more efficient. In addition, your call volume will also reduce, improving the experience for customers on the phone as they will not have to wait as long, and since agents can chat with multiple people simultaneously via live chat software and direct messages, they will be able to speak with much more people in the same timeframe, making your overall productivity as a contact centre increase dramatically. 

For the best results, use the best live chat software 

If you want good results, it’s always best to invest in the right solution, especially when it comes to software. Click4Assistance’s dashboard provides access to everything in one place: live chat software, direct messages, video chat, AI chatbots, Click2Call, and even your own CRM integrated. Everything is developed under one roof, ensuring that each module works well with each other and your customer service agents have the most efficient workflow available. The dashboard is completely customisable on an individual basis and remote working ready, so that your customer service agents can work seamlessly from home or work with no hassle. And with 256 bit encryption for data in transit, your live conversations are as secure as a payment page. What’s not to love! 

If you’re interested in deploying Click4Assistance, the UK’s premier GDPR compliant live chat software solution, to level up your contact centre in 2020, give us a call on 0845 123 5871 or send an email to [email protected] and one of our experts will be with you right away. Not ready to reach out yet? Discover how it works, try a demo, or better yet, try Click4Assistance completely free for 21 days