This blog was written for Ingenious Probiotics.

Animal lovers and pet owners alike want the best for their pets, as we would for our own offspring. We love our pets like family members, and for many, they are family, so it would not be crazy for owners to do a double take at what they are exposing their dogs to. 

For many dog owners, their lifestyle and routines include daily or weekly walks, routine research into the latest food technology, and trips to the groomers or a routine bath in the shower, that just might end in the whole house being wet if the dog escapes from the bath! During the lockdowns, many dog owners that took their furry family members to the groomers had to learn a few new tricks… such as baths, nail clipping and in some cases, getting out the hair trimmers. The internet was flooded with some hilarious botched cuts during lockdown and many dog owners learned that grooming is more of an art form and discipline than just a side hustle. 

Home grooming goes a little beyond the COVID haircut your Yorkie had to endure while the world fought the pandemic. It also includes shampoo… which we are all guilty of forgetting at some point. Giving your “pawtner” in crime a quick scrub up with some of your own shampoo or baby shampoo is not going to be the end of the world, unless your furry friend has a pre-existing condition (then for the love of fur, never chance it!). However, if you’re going beyond that one time when your Goldie, husky or lab decided that a swim in a muddy ditch was a fantastic idea, then it’s time to make an investment in something a little better for their coats. 

For us, shampoo is just shampoo… but it isn’t. When you really think about it, you don’t (or most of us with longer hair) wash your hair with body wash, or your body with shampoo. We tend to have a few bottles in the bath with us for different jobs. Here’s the kicker… Your dog’s fur is technically hair, but it’s very different, and their skin is different to our scalps too. Their coats are mainly made of up of two layers: a fluffy soft undercoat, and a coarser tough top coat. Their skin produces different types of oils compared to us too, and their skin’s acidity and sensitivity is different too. 

Compared to rugged human skin, dogs generally have more sensitive skin than we do, especially when it comes to chemical exposure. They are far more prone than we are to developing skin conditions from using the wrong products or even from household detergents, like floor cleaners. The chemicals in the shampoos that we use for ourselves are designed to break down and strip human hair oils, not the specialised oils on a dog’s sensitive skin. Once in a pinch shouldn’t cause a massive issue, but it is always highly recommended to think about getting a specialised dog shampoo that will go the extra mile… but what is that? 

How a probiotic dog shampoo works 

You want a shampoo that’s the right balance of dirt busting, oil removing and enrichment for your dog’s coat and skin. Probiotics are natural, good bacteria that can restore the microbial balance in your dog’s skin and fur. Now while that other shampoo is doing a good job of dirt busting, it might not be winning in the microbial department, which means that your dog’s sebum may not be in great shape, leading to seborrhoea, or even pyoderma… neither of which anyone wants. 

We all know the bane of doggie smells, especially when they get wet outside and come back in to sprawl on the sofa with their cute, stinky selves. But with a monthly wash with probiotic dog shampoo, their sebum will return to a healthier state, reducing odours, redness, itchiness, and giving their coats the best thing they need.

When you see a dog constantly going full throttle on an itch, our instant thought is fleas, but there are quite a few things that can cause a case of the epic itch. Pruritus, or itchiness, can be caused by a number of things, such as flea allergy dermatitis, seasonal or food allergies, sarcoptic mange (or mites), boredom, anxiety, or contact dermatitis: possibly from soaps or perfumes, and is the most common reason for a vet trip. Probiotic dog shampoos can help relieve the itchiness, dryness, irritation and sensitivity of their skin, while being a beneficial addition to battling atopic allergies. 

Take a look at why our probiotic pet shampoo is so highly recommended. It’s chemical free, gentile, balances your dog’s natural micro flora, and hypoallergenic. Clean the dirt without removing the good bacteria and win the fight against itchiness!