This blog was written for Click4Assistance and originally published on 2020/07/30. ↗️

Communication is the lifeblood of society. Without it, the world will wither away like autumnal leaves in the first frost. As businesses, we are always looking for new ways to innovate, increase productivity and efficiency, but rarely do businesses take a good long look at their customer experience and their customer service department, unless their business is very customer focused, which many aren’t. Conversational marketing is the marketing buzz word for 2020, after pandemic of course. Live chat software is at the front and centre of conversational marketing, and Click4Assistance is leading the industry in the UK. Why not pair the best in the market with the leading customer service best practice?

Automated live chat software allows your business to remain active on your website, even when your business is shut. By employing artificial intelligence chatbots like Artie and Coni, your financial organisation’s website will always have someone available to respond to your customers and visitors. Since the AI bots will be welcoming customers to the website and managing basic tasks, such as website navigation and contact details, your customer service agents can focus their time on resolving customer issues, making them much more productive.

Another bonus from Click4Assistance’s AI bots is the ability for them to collect information from customers and visitors on your website and transfer them to the right customer service department or specialist agent, reducing the number of transfers a customer has to experience. This also has a positive impact on your customer service team’s productivity. Since the AI bots can work without human intervention, they can assume responsibility of the basic website communication and filter the more complex issues to the human customer service agents. The AI bots, Artie and Coni, can speak with an unlimited number of website visitors, don’t get sick, are always online and are happy to help your customers at any time, making them the most effective members of your customer service team.

Video chat can allow your financial organisation to level up that trust and deepen the efficiency of the conversations your customer service team is having with your customers. Seeing someone on the other side of the computer, immediately reinforces trust since we trust what we can see. By adding video chat to your live chat software, your customer service team will have more effective conversations with your customers, increasing your customer service satisfaction rate. Since having a face to face conversation is sometimes more impactful and effective than a text or even audio only conversation, your customer service team will experience increased efficiency in their calls and your customers will enjoy a much richer communication experience.

One of the best features of video chat is that it allows your custom service team to continue face to face meetings remotely. This decreases the time lost when customer service agents are ill, since they will not be exposed to as many people. Less time off sick means more productivity for your business, which is always a good thing.

The Click4Assistance dashboard is built remote working ready, and can be accessed from any computer or laptop with a Chrome browser. The great thing is your customer service team can work from anywhere at any time with Click4Assistance, so the next time disaster strikes, your customer service team can remain online to chat with customers. They will have access to everything in one place: live chat, video chat, social media direct messages from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Artie and Coni AI chatbots, and even your own integrated CRM to ensure that all of your customer communication is effectively updated. Having everything in one place is an instant productivity game-changer. This dashboard is completely customisable on an individual level, so your customer service agents can just hide all the features they don’t use, further increasing productivity.

The largest area of concern with any software is security. With Click4Assistance, your financial organisation can have peace of mind knowing that your data is 256-bit encrypted in transit, keeping your conversations with customers safe and secure. Additionally, Click4Assistance live chat software features full GDPR compliance, and your data is stored in the UK so you never have to worry about your customer data being processed overseas.

With over 15 years of experience working with financial organisations like yours, it’s hard to think of another live chat software provider that know your industry as well as Click4Assistance does. If you’re interested in deploying Click4Assistance, the UK’s premier GDPR compliant live chat software solution, to make your financial agency more effective in 2020, give us a call on 08451235871 or send an email to [email protected] and one of our experts will be with you right away. Not ready to reach out yet? Discover how it works, try a demo, or better yet, try Click4Assistance completely free for 21 days.