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As a charity, your communication must always be online, and the flow is non-stop. Phone lines are always congested, email inboxes are always overflowing and sometimes those in need just get lost in the flurry of conversations, emails and messages that your team needs to keep on top of. Then you throw social media and direct messaging into the mix and it becomes communication chaos. This is where Click4Assistance can help make sense of the chaos and bring order, calm and productivity to the whole customer service department. 

Move over to the best live chat provider 

Live chat software is an instant win. Your customer service agents can speak with multiple people simultaneously on live chat, so they are immediately more productive and the online chat queues will be much lower and move much faster since your team can speak with more people in the same amount of, or less, time. This instantly reduces your call volume, improving the experience over the phone since they will not have to wait as long due to the decongestion of the telephone queue. Overall, it is a much better experience for everyone involved: your customer service team is more productive, your online chat queue moves much faster, and your call volume and waiting queue have reduced. Sounds like efficiency Christmas! 

Level up your efficiency with artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence plays a large role in our daily lives so why not use it in our professional one too? Artie and Coni, the Click4Assistance AI duo, can support your charity in ways that you didn’t think of. While your team is engaged on the phones or on live chat, Artie and Coni would be greeting incoming website visitors, responding to direct messages on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, helping with website navigation, and collecting basic information to transfer to their human customer service colleagues. 

Add an emotional support bot who’s always online 

Mental health has been a growing topic but in the last year, the need for mental and emotional support has never been greater. Sometimes people just really need someone to talk to, just to listen, and they will immediately feel better. Or some people just need someone to chat to as they are lonely or need to offload their thoughts and feelings in order to think more clearly. Whatever it is, artificial intelligence can help. We cannot be everywhere at once, so adding in a natural language processing chatbot like Artie, or even a simple conversational interface like Coni, can massively lighten the load for your internal team. Often, people will chat with the chatbots and not need further help, and that time saved means that your customer service agents can focus on the more serious cases who really need that one on one from a human agent. 

Best live chat provider in the UK: Click4Assistance 

Charities have been working with Click4Assistance for over 15 years to improve their customer service efficiency. The robust, comprehensive platform allows your team to keep in contact with your customers no matter where they are working from. The Click4Assistance dashboard is accessible from any laptop or desktop computer with a Chrome browser, and the seamless experience allows your customer service agents to access everything they need just as they would from the office: live chat, video chat, direct messages from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Click2Call, and even your own CRM integrated. 

If you’re interested in deploying Click4Assistance, the UK’s premier GDPR compliant live chat software solution, to increase your charity’s impact for 2020, give us a call on 0845 123 5871 or send an email to [email protected] and one of our experts will be with you right away. Not ready to reach out yet? Discover how it works, try a demo, or better yet, try Click4Assistance completely free for 21 days