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Fire protection traceability has entered the chat with OneTrace

As the world goes digital, industries face shake ups. As though by storm, efficiency and productivity become milestones and targets alongside revenue growth. Faster, better, stronger. It’s the human condition of progression and the push of advancement. Every industry faces this, and now, passive and active fire protection traceability management has entered the fray. 

Not ready to make the switch? 

We get it. It’s scary when you have spent the last twenty years operating in a specific way and then the digital world threatens everything you know. But, like all forms of evolution, the most painful part of the process is in the initial change. OneTrace is the most intuitive, easy to use fire protection traceability applications on the market, and they are here to help you in many ways. 

Reduced administrative work 

As a fire protection engineer, it’s sometimes tough trying to keep up with all the paperwork that goes with the job. Honestly, administrative work just isn’t really their cup of tea, but it’s important to keep comprehensive reports and notes on every job your company has undertaken. OneTrace offers that balance between less administrative work and more thorough notes. How? Through a simple to use interface, your fire protection engineers can very easily submit their reports right there on-site from the OneTrace app. It allows them to fill in report text boxes, upload photos and mark up drawings, without needed anything other than a phone or tablet. It’s really that simple. And once they leave the site, the job is complete, from inspection to report. No more waiting for reports the following day, or getting drawings weeks later. It’s all right there, right now. 

Sail through accreditations 

Fire protection accreditations such as FIRAS are becoming a focal point in the industry as a certification of competency for organisations. While they are not mandatory at present, contractors and other businesses are looking more closely at active and passive fire protection services that already hold these accreditations. As a business asset, your company may be interested in applying for a FIRAS accreditation, and OneTrace can help your business get there much more smoothly, since the application was built with accreditations in mind. 

Clients get VIP access

Your clients can finally have a front row seat to your projects with them. Say goodbye to the  old weekly updates and having clients chase you. Now with OneTrace, your clients can easily fire up the app and see exactly where the project stands, without a need for meetings and conference calls. This allows your business to work more with less interruptions and your client will feel like they have more oversight, leading to a stronger business relationship with them. 

Work offline too

Active and passive fire protection is every where, in every commercial building, on every floor from basement to rooftop, and in every city. This means that your team will be in places that often do not have cellular reception or access to WiFi. OneTrace is built with this in mind, allowing your team to access the files they need right on the app, online or offline. No more delayed jobs or revisiting a site because of missing floor plans or no access to files. Now your team can access and upload while they are on the job, and the files will upload to the system once the device is connected to the internet, either through Wifi or a mobile data connection. 

Paperless is good for the environment 

Going paperless is a good deed, no matter how big or small the commitment is. Killing less trees and staying alive by not sabotaging your own oxygen is always a great place to start. But wouldn’t it be nice if going paperless could have an even better advantage, such as access to all of your files, wherever you are, at the click of a button? You can do this with OneTrace and be an environmental hero. 

But wait! 

One more thing… 

Really easy to use

The best thing about OneTrace is how simple and easy it is to use. The application is intuitive, like it knows what you’re going to do, before you know you’re going to do it. It’s two steps ahead but keeps you in check so that you never miss the important bits. It’s so easy to use, even a dog can use it. 

There isn’t really much else to say here other than… If you’re still afraid to switch, you should request a demo and trial OneTrace completely free for 14 days with zero commitment or obligation. You’d love taking your business to the next level of innovative passive fire protection traceability. It’s time to get in touch and leave the analog world behind!