This copy was written for Connectium, commissioned by Purple Fedora and originally published on 2020/07/27. ↗️

While you are thinking about the logistics of the move from A to B, you also have to consider the safety and security of your hardware. During a move, the last thing you want is to replace hardware that was damaged by improper packing and transport protocols. This is why experience and in-depth knowledge is paramount in our industry. While it may be tempting to consider a DIY approach or even a non-specialist business, it can be very expensive in the long run. 

Questions you need to ask yourself before you make a decision are: 

– Are we fully aware of all the risks involved and are able to not make assumptions?

– Do we have the proper transport equipment available to safely move our hardware? 

– Do we have the capability to execute this flawlessly and possess the knowledge to execute damage control should the need arise? 

– Can we do this quickly, cost effectively and properly? 

– What happens if something breaks? Do we have the capability to manage this situation? 

– Are we going to bite off more than we can chew? 

We at Connectium exist to help businesses move effectively and safely while minimising downtime, and maximising efficiency, all while remaining in budget, timeline and scope.