This blog was written for Click4Assistance and originally published on 2019/12/05. ↗️

One Simple Way to Increase your Client Value Offering 

As an agency that provides digital marketing, website development, or technology services, finding additional ways to benefit both your client and yourself is always on the priority list. Technology is changing the way we communicate with customers and prospects, and has lead the way to companies undertaking digital transformation strategies, making their business more aligned with today’s technology and tomorrow’s future. One of the more simple ways is to do this is through live chat software. While there are many free, “freemium” and paid options on the market, here are a few things you need to look out for… 

100% UK based and GDPR compliant

In 2018 in the UK, GDPR was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. For some, it was smooth sailing, and for others, it became an administrative nightmare. Many companies raised concerns about their user data with regards to the software and subscriptions they employed, since much of the software licenses and subscriptions we use today reside outside the EU regulated areas. Click4Assistance is 100% UK based, from development to deployment, making it GDPR compliant from beginning to end. This has many benefits, like an accessible development for bespoke features, in addition to the peace of mind knowing your live chat software is GDPR compliant

Amplify value offered to clients 

Client service based agencies are forever in search of different methods to add value to clients, as value is one of the structural pillars of the industry. Assisting a client to improve the efficacy and efficiency of their customer service and marketing will not only positively impact their business and their brand, but also strengthen your client relationship as a provider. The benefits of live chat software supply an excellent platform for this, as 67% of website visitors prefer to have a live chat before making a purchase, and these chatting visitors are 4 times more likely to purchase than their silent counterparts. 

Smooth implementation 

One of the most painful parts of new software is implementation. Sometimes it’s a simple thing you’re attempting and the implementation just does not work the way you want it to, so you would have to compromise with the overall vision. But with Click4Assistance, implementation is smooth and without stress for your team. The software integrates seamlessly with a variety of customer relationship managers (CRMs) and digital platforms, including WordPress, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. The development team is available to make any tweaks necessary for your software needs. And, the customisable dashboard is so simple to use that employees on any level can be assigned and jump straight in. 

Custom branding

Marketing agencies consistently drive home the importance of the brand and brand culture in all visuals, messaging and communication. Our live chat software gives your clients the freedom to represent their brand, without any additional premiums. This allows them to visually integrate seamlessly, keeping the brand experience consistent for customers and prospects. The immediate benefit is to give the customers and prospects the trust and assurance that they are contacting your team, safely and securely. 

Revenue Options

Now we finally get to the good stuff, the part where you benefit by a little more than just a stronger handshake. Offering your clients a fully hosted live chat software is an excellent up-sell and showcases your agency’s ability to take your clients into the future, improve their business and provide the latest technology. Under Click4Assistance’s partner program, we can offer you a variety of options, from a simple commission setup to a completely bespoke platform. It’s scalable so it grows as you grow. And you will be fully supported by our team of in-house developers and experts. 

As an added bonus for your agency, many companies across the UK are currently undergoing complete digital transformation. This means that right now is the best time to integrate this with your clients. Supporting your clients, providing a superior solution with complete UK support and GDPR compliance, and earning all at the same time sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Got a few questions? Call us on 08451235871 or send an email [email protected] and one of our team experts will be with you right away.