This blog was written for ötzibrew.

Coffee is the drink of the soul. It’s a universal conduit that has connected countries and culture, with some of the first evidences of coffee as a beverage dated as early as the 15th century. In many cultures, coffee became the social beverage of choice, especially where alcohol was frowned upon or banned, spreading it’s popularity and embedding the consumption practice deep within culture. But coffee was not always as popular as it is today, since it was once viewed as a luxury drink, something exotic grown in the colonies, and so, the coffee tax was born, forcing those who could not source or afford coffee to search for an alternative. 

Chicory was one of the first coffee alternatives to emerge from late 18th century Germany. It was widely marketed as an alternative to colonial coffee, which at the time was much more difficult to cultivate in Europe, unlike chicory which was already widely cultivated locally and used in salads. It was said that even the worst coffee was too expensive for the average man, so chicory was accepted as ‘German coffee’, especially since it shares a taste palate and brewing method with traditional coffee. 

Why choose a coffee alternative? 

While many coffee lovers will resoundingly agree that there is no real replacement for their favourite bean juice, there are many reasons why someone would choose a coffee alternative. For many people, a coffee alternative can bring them better sleep, less headaches and allow them to enjoy a warm drink free of coffee’s side effects. Studies show that by switching out your caffeine overloaded pick-me-up, your sleep can improve, making your days much more productive since you’re better rested. For those who are chronically stressed, the inflammatory properties of coffee may not be the best thing for your body, forcing you to kick it or continue to feel more exhausted as the days progress. 

What if we told you that by switching your afternoon coffee with an alternative such as ötzibrew, you could improve your sleep and digestion, and increase your overall energy levels? What will you do with this new person you have discovered within, who is better rested, full of energy and feels healthier? The possibilities are endless with ötzibrew… 

What’s in ötzibrew? 

ötzibrew is full of the type of goodness only Mother Nature can give to you, including chicory, dandelion, burdock and cordyceps. Each of these have phenomenal properties that can unleash your body, leaving you feeling healthier, happier, free and full of energy, and being caffeine free, high in fibre and gut friendly, ötzibrew is a great choice to power through your day. 

Chicory is full of inulin, a soluble fibre that may aid digestion and support a healthy gut, making you feel better from the inside. For centuries, dandelion was the go-to plant for its detoxifying benefits, in addition to being full of various minerals, vitamins, and fibre, with burdock, relative of dandelion, being used traditionally as a digestive tonic, known to be packed with antioxidants. Cordyceps is a mushroom packed with anti-inflammatory an anti-aging properties, which brings together the super team that makes ötzibrew the best alternative for your journey to a better you. 

Listen to your body 

As with all things, listening to your body is key to living a better, more fulfilled life. ötzibrew isn’t just about a coffee alternative that can lower your daily caffeine intake and support your gut; it’s about a journey, getting back to your roots and finding that connection between yourself and the ancient wisdom hidden in our bodies. It’s about discovering a better version of you, and enjoying your path to self-discovery. 

This is a journey worth taking. We will always go further, so that your mind and body can get purer.