This copy was commissioned by Purple Fedora for Royal Clean.

How often do you think about your floor? You spend your life walking all over it, spilling things on it, crying on it, sitting on it, and sometimes sleeping on it. It supports you in every way, but we never really pay much attention to its health. Deep cleaning your carpets, tiles and wooden floors is key to their lifespan, and saves you thousands in the long run. 

Floors get thrashed with some of the worst things we can throw at them: everything you stepped on throughout your day gets transferred onto your floors. If you’re having building work done, muddy boots, drywall dust, paint, chemicals and solvents all end up splattering on the floors, with equipment and furniture being dragged through the site, which is why it is important to prepare the floor prior to commencing work, so that you can protect it from damage. Always use a reputable cleaning company to clean your floors and your build, such as Royal Clean, since our team is experienced and trained to know exactly how to treat each issue, and use the right method to protect your flooring. 

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