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Contractors are busy people and have massive responsibilities managing lots of moving parts for various projects, therefore they hire sub-contractors to delegate some of that responsibility and ensure that they are delivering the best possible service to their clients. However, there are some building contractors that have their own internal teams for fire protection and safety. Whether a contractor has an internal team, or subcontracts to another company, it’s vital that they understand why a fire stopping app is important and why they should use one themselves. 

Why use a fire protection company that uses Onetrace fire stopping app? 

Contractors don’t always have the luxury of micromanaging sub-contractors and making sure that they are not cutting corners. Using a subcontractor who uses a fire stopping app effectively like Onetrace, gives you as a prime contractor the peace of mind that the work completed will comply with fire accreditations like BMTRADA and FIRAS. This simple measure can give your project the security it needs to ensure that the work done will be to a legally acceptable standard. 

Here’s why you’d want to use it yourself 

Onetrace isn’t only for companies who specialise solely in fire stopping. As a main contractor, it’s likely that you perform your own set of checks and balances if you sub-contract parts of the job. However, some main contractors do not sub-contract certain key roles, such as building fire safety, as they provide these internally, and would want a more robust and reliable system. Onetrace enables your work to comply with BMTRADA and FIRAS accreditation standards when used effectively, and this is a positive selling point for your clients and potential clients. 

Beyond compliance 

Onetrace isn’t just for accreditations though, it’s also designed for productivity. When you’re searching for a sub-contractor, hiring one that uses a fire stopping app like Onetrace ensures they are not only compliant but time efficient, and in the construction world, time is money. They can use Onetrace online or offline, so fire protection operatives can work on any floor, logging the details of their job and taking photos, regardless of if they have a stable internet connection on site. This gives you, the main contractor, the peace of mind that the job is completed comprehensively, and no details forgotten or left out. Fire protection operatives work on multiple jobs daily and weekly. When they leave the site, they should complete the job to a comprehensive and compliant standard, else if they take that work home, minor details may be forgotten on the journey to a more convenient spot to submit their paperwork. Onetrace eliminates that risk altogether, by providing an offline feature that works the same and synchronises and updates the system as soon as they connected the app to the internet. 

Front row VIP seats 

Onetrace can give your clients access so that they, like your internal management team, can see exactly where the fire protection operatives are in the job. As a contractor working with a sub-contractor using Onetrace, this removes the need for daily update meetings, since you can open the fire stopping app and see exactly where the team is, allowing you to get on with the other key aspects of your project or ask the pertinent questions more directly, should there be a delay in the timeline. 

Be on the right side of history

We all remember the Grenfell tragedy as though it was yesterday. It was a dark mark in the history of fire protection, but has cast a light on the lack of attention previously given to the fire protection industry. Paving the way for better regulations around the industry, we can look forward to a safer future in the building industry, and companies can now ensure that their work is compliant and comprehensive, while being efficient by using a fire stopping app like Onetrace. 

About Onetrace’s fire stopping app 

Onetrace is a fire stopping app designed by fire protection experts for fire protection experts, so we have a thorough understanding of the role and built a solution that can aid an operative in every way possible. We know the pain points personally and possess an in-depth knowledge on the parameters accreditations set, allowing us to develop the software to work within these boundaries, so that your team is always compliant and efficient, whether they are working online or offline. Contact us today to find out how we can revolutionise the way you and your team work.