This blog was written for Click4Assistance and originally published on 2019/12/31. ↗️

So, you and your team have survived the Christmas chaos! As a contact centre, your team of agents has just pulled through one of the busiest times of the year, and now it’s time to prepare for a new year. Do you have plans in place to increase productivity and efficiency in your call centre for 2020?

Here are some helpful tips to get you started on the right foot.

Got your head in the cloud?

With today being the last day of 2019, your head is probably in the 2020 clouds. This is probably the best time for your focus to be there, on the cloud. 2019 has been littered with data privacy news, positive and negative, and there’s no time better than the present to make the switch if you have not already. There are many benefits to cloud services, including massive cost savings and less hassle, but the most important is the security aspect. Ensuring that your data is protected and encrypted is our priority and should be yours too.

When is the best time to make notes?

When you are on a call speaking to a customer or chatting with up to three customers simultaneously via a live chat website software, making notes is crucial to your agent’s efficiency. If notes are made during the call or chat, when they have ended the call, it’s much easier to type a quick summary rather than type everything that transpired in the duration of the conversation. With a chat, the notes can be stored as you go, and the full transcript can be emailed straight to the customer the moment the chat ends.

Live chat, like magic

2020 is the year of productivity and efficiency, but for contact centres, this is more about getting the best use of time out of your agents. Would you prefer your agents to speak with one person at a time, or three simultaneously? Three sounds much better, as you can maximise the number of customers you can deal with by the power of three! So what is this magical thing that triples your statistics? None other than Click4Assistance live chat… Live chat software allows a single agent to speak with three people (or more) at a time, and with pre-defined replies, you have more precise control over what is communicated.

Time to level up!

Speaking of precision, you can even go up another level and provide an immediate engagement with a website visitor and increase sales with an AI chatbot. For websites with lots of visitors engaging live chat, this is a perfect buffer between the customer and your agents, giving them a smoother flow of customers and allowing them to provide a higher quality of service. Click4Assistance’s AI chatbot, Artie, can chat with unlimited visitors simultaneously, 24/7. The chatbot can assist with basic issues the customer may be having, and can also pinpoint the right department for their question, ensuring your agents are given customers with issues in their areas of expertise, providing faster assistance.


Our final tip today is a simple one that everyone can do: smile! When you smile, your tone and mood changes, even if you’ve just ended the hardest customer conversation of the day. The importance is the perception of the next customer. By being polite, relaxed and with a smile on, your customers can pick up on this, and in return, will be more relaxed, leading to better calls.

Thus ends the helpful hints to get your 2020 contact centre started on the right foot. If you’re interested in deploying Click4Assistance, the UK’s premier GDPR compliant live chat software solution, to level up your contact centre for 2020, give us a call on 08451235871 or send an email [email protected] and one of our team experts will be with you right away.