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It’s likely that your local authority has a website presence, and if you do, then your customers will certainly go there to find a method of communicating with you. While publishing a telephone number, email address or contact form on a contact page will be helpful, sometimes customers are looking for a more convenient or immediate method of communication and this is where a live chat on your website will prove to be very useful. 

Live chat software has numerous benefits, but one of the most noteworthy would be the increase of brand equity with your customers. Your customers can now speak with your customer service team one on one, with a reduced wait time and in a manner that’s much more convenient than over the phone. In this article, we will explain how live chat can improve your customer relationships

Reduced call volume 

One of the more popular byproducts of deploying a live chat on your website is the immediate reduction in call volume. Your customers will naturally gravitate towards a live chat on your website, once they are aware of it, reducing the number of people jamming up your phone lines. This reduction of call volume will also reduce the time customers in the telephone queue are waiting, so it is two benefits in one: reduce the call volume and the waiting time, just by installing a live chat on your website. 

More convenience and productivity 

As one of the most convenient instant-response communication channels, live chat is massively productive for both your customers and your customer service agents in-house. Your agents can easily chat with multiple customers through live chat, allowing them to speak with more people in a single day than ever before, without needing to increase your team’s size. 

Increased communication with customers 

On the flip side, your customers will feel more connected and naturally will contact your local authority more often, increasing the flow of communication between your customers and your organisation. For your customers who are unable to speak over the phone, perhaps due to privacy reasons, a live chat will allow them to speak with your customer service team in a more discreet manner without it interrupting their work day. 

Better inclusivity 

Live chat software is known for its inclusivity for those with communication difficulties. If a customer has difficulty speaking over the phone, a live chat on your website is a great alternative for them. By adding live chat software to your customer communication arsenal, your local authority will be viewed as more inclusive, especially for those who have difficulties communicating over the phone. 

Improved customer service experience 

Putting productivity and convenience aside, live chat for your website will instantly improve your local authority’s customer service experience, which is massively positive for your brand and building better relationships with your customers moving forward. This positive customer service experience will lead to a much better tone of conversation with customers, and allow a better flow of information. Waiting on hold to speak with an agent for more than 30 minutes can be infuriating for the person on hold, and so, leads to a more inflamed conversation tone once an agent is available. With a live chat for your website, you can eliminate this and improve the customer service experience while being cost effective

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