Carib Brewery Limited the last brewery to call Trinidad and Tobago home. They brew and distribute nearly all of the largest beers sold on the island.

The Problem:

STAG Beer and Carib Light are two of the leading beers brewed in Trinidad. When their major competitor, Coors Light, entered the market and started taking market share as well as social clout, they needed a change of strategy.

The Solution:

For both brands, we developed a strong personality base and started by creating engagement campaigns that connected with their relevant target markets. We built the brands much larger than we anticipated, and successfully had a significant impact on sales.

We were responsible for developing the entire digital side of the launch and success of the STAG Riddim 3 Road Tour. Our artwork was also used on billboards, and all event promotional material, including the stage backdrops.

This entire campaign was developed by us, concept, artwork and the challenges.

Carib Light is the more trendy brand, and as such, we used current film events as part of our conversation.

The STAG Mystic was a campaign designed to give advice, like a bro. Unfortunately, this entire campaign was developed but never released.

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