The Problem:

Terra Caribbean – Trinidad was battling with local inflation rising, making property investments more difficult for the average person, even those on a decent wage. Online communities became full of negative remarks and most real estate agencies kept quiet on social media and many closed comments on their own website listings.


The Solution:

TILT changed the approach to content on social media. Rather than only posting about what properties were for lease or sale, we took a conversational approach, asking the community to engage in story telling, giving tips to new home owners and asking about various house related touch points, like food and energy bills, to get a direct understanding of what people were really feeling.

While people were open to speak about the cost of living, they were also open about how unaffordable real estate had become. Most companies would take this as a negative, but we used this as a conversation point to steer the conversation into a positive light by helping interested property prospects with something more along the lines they were looking for.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom; we kept the community hopeful and looking forward with home inspiration posts, interested with tips and life hacks, and engaged with fun fairytale story telling. 


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There was also a “Dear Terra” advice based campaign that was once a week. This is what that campaign looked like: 

Dear Terra,
I fell in love with a house. I love the neighborhood, the area is safe and quiet, but I don’t really like the neighbours. What do you think I should do?

Signed, Confused.

Dear Confused,
You should by a house based on your needs. This is a long-term investment. It sounds like you have already made up your mind here, but you have a doubt about who you’ll be living around. You probably should look at why you don’t like the neighbors and if there are any methods you can use to change that. Talk it over with your agent, and see what he or she says.

— Terra.


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