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Who is Désiré?

Désiré • The Brand Maverick is a master of branding, marketing, automation and time. She uses her differently-wired brain to look at branding and consumer communication from a unique perspective, and find ways to hack time, making her incredibly efficient, which enables her to run her entire operation without investment funding. Her obsession with automation means that she does less admin, and more knowledge sharing.

Helping others perform at their peak is her focus, and she does this through sharing her expertise freely on her Vodcast (video podcast) and live shows, and more intimately on her Nexus programme.

When you join the Nexus programme, you’re not just learning about branding and marketing, you’re learning how to get out of your own way, get shit done, and take control of your life. This is a no-nonsense, kick up the butt kind of inspirational session.


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We have three podcast segments:

  • The Daily TILT is a short 15-20 minute segment, but full of tips and tricks that every entrepreneur needs to hear.
  • The Entrepreneur Spotlight focuses on one business owner every week and they have a chance to tell their story on a deeper level.
  • The Alpha WOMAN show celebrates the strength of women and everything that comes with it.

These podcasts are published on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere that podcasts are published. You can also listen to the podcasts here on the TILT website.

We also publish the video recordings of these podcasts on Youtube – so you have a videocast and a podcast. The content is funnelled through the TILT content channels, as well as through Désiré’s personal brand channels.

The calendar below has the information on the podcast air dates and guest speakers.

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